Salesperson Spotlight | April


Mark Casper has been a part of Key Auto Group for almost two years! He’s been working in the car business for close to thirty years and has greatly enjoyed the thousands of people he’s gotten to meet and work with over the years.

His family is #1 including his two amazing grandchildren (pictured here)! Mark’s greatest thrill is being able to get a customer into a car who doesn’t think they can. He loves the management team at Portsmouth Used Car Superstore and appreciates all the support he gets from his colleagues.


Check out what some of Mark’s customers have said about working with him!

Thank you so much Mark for your time patients all the questions we had for you you and your team were such a great help definitely be back me and Brittany absolutely love the van thank you again!

– Lonnie Granger

Thank you do much Mark Casper for all if your hard work helping me get into a new, reliable vehicle! My payments will not break the bank and he worked hard to get me into this great car. Having a tough time getting anything with poor credit is very difficult. Mark was a dynamo helping me out and doing a lot of extra leg work so I could get the loan. If ever you need a great deal on a great car or truck, you have to come here! Even with poor credit, they can work it out!

– Lisa Ann Manning

I traded in my Prius today for a 2014 Nissan Maxima! Better monthly payments, better in the snow, better mileage and definitely safer! A big thank you goes out to Mark Casper from Portsmouth Used Car Superstore! I couldn’t be happier!

– Samantha Bond

If you have worked with Mark Casper in the past, share this post, comment your experience and be sure to stop by Portsmouth Used Car Superstore!


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