Most Asked Questions When Purchasing A Used Vehicle | Portsmouth Used Car Superstore

1.) “So there is no room for negotiation in the price?”
This usually comes after we explain our 1 price philosophy & non-commissioned sales staff. Since we do extensive market research to be one of, if not best price around -we do not have a significant margin of markup in our vehicles. However, we would never lose a valued customer over a couple hundred dollars. What can we do to earn your business today?
2.) “Do I get a second key or spare key?”
Most of our vehicles come with just the one key. Unfortunately we are at the mercy of how we take the vehicles in, whether they are traded, street purchases or acquired at auction. We can help point you in the right direction to obtain an extra key for as inexpensive as possible.
3.) “What do you know about the history of this vehicle?”
We do have a CarFax readily available for all of our vehicles. Most are obtained through trade in or acquired from auction. They can vary from personal vehicles to lease or even rentals. We complete a 70 point NH state inspection on our inventory to ensure they meet or exceed NH inspection requirements. We’d be happy to provide you with that info.
4.) “Does this vehicle come with warranty?”
Since most of our inventory is newer with lower miles, you would get whatever is remaining on the factory warranty. We do offer a 6 month 6,000 mile warranty, however the factory warranty (if any remaining) supersedes what we provide. Should you decide to purchase this vehicle today, our finance manager will display for you a menu of options to add an extended warranty to ensure your vehicle is fully protected well after the factory expires.
If our list didn’t have what you’re looking for, be sure to reach out to us with any questions and we will be happy to help!!

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